Most of the reading students are asked to do is literature they have chosen for themselves.  There are many books in the classroom and many more the public libraries.

Students are expected to keep a daily reading log on log sheets provided for them.  They are expected to write down the title of the book they are reading, and the beginning and ending pages for each day.  These logs are worth five points per day - about twenty-five points per week.  They should be turned in at the end of each week.

Students are also expected to keep a reading response journal in which the write their, observations, thoughts, and questions about what they are reading.  They are expected to make at least three entries per week.  Each entry is worth ten points - about thirty points per week..

Students are also expected to write reviews, not reports, of some of the books that they choose to read.  These reviews should focus on the qualities and features of the book, the experience of reading it, and thoughts and ideas it stimulates rather than retelling the story.  These are usually due every two to three weeks, depending on the school schedule.  Actual due dates will be posted.

Additional activities such as presentations about the books students are reading and small group or whole class disussions will be scheduled from time to time.